Environmental Policy

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Why do I have one of these?

By writing down and publishing this policy I ensure that my business has fixed rules to adhere to in order for me to reduce my impact on the earth.

Am I just ‘Green Washing’?

Absolutely not. By publishing my policy and a quarterly audit, I not only hold myself to account, but give the chance for everyone to hold me to account. My quarterly audit will show my progress towards actively becoming a sustainable business for our shared home.

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Impact Report 1

Coming July 5th

July 5th 2019

This will be my first audit. Breaking down the first quarter since officially instigating my environmental policy.


I will be publishing where I started on April 5th and the changes I have made. Alongside these changes I will show the impact my changes have made.

Importantly, I will highlight areas on which I need to improve and publish targets for the following three months.

Do Gooders

A List for The Good Guys

Whenever I find a supplier of goods or service that works to help the environment or social equality. I will add it to the list. If a company’s doing good then the very least I can do is give them a shout out and share a link. These won’t just be for those working within my profession but also companies that I recommend for use outside of the workplace.