As a photographer, I need good quality photography gear. Rather than buying new, I like to add to my equipment with products that are already in our chain of use, thus reducing manufacturing emissions and minimising my impact. The quality of hardware on the market is exceptional and MPB offer a fine service in this trade. Of course there are other sites out there, If you know of a better, more ‘eco’ alternative then let me know.

Ashley House Printing Company are exceptionally good at what they do. They are fully committed to the environment, their work force and to continually improving. My heart jumped when I found these. And their website is amazing! So click the link to the left and check them out!

A graphic design and web agency based in Cornwall. Leap lead the way when it comes to environmental impact within their sector. They have worked with global brands to deliver the most beautiful media campaigns out there. They are simply incredible and a credit to the industry.

As a sailor of historic vessels I could not go long without mentioning this group. They are working to save the world through sustainable shipping. Marrying the romance of old ships and fusing it with modern technology, Fair Transport are changing the way cargo will be shipped around the world. One barrel of rum or bar of chocolate at a time.

A company that needs very few words from me. Built to supply outdoor apparel and save the world at the same time. Particularly interesting is their approach to agriculture and their support to non violent activism.